Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 21st September 2011

Mach Speed Trio Droid review

Although Mach Speed is a little known brand, you can take advantage of its weak brand name to purchase an entry level tablet cheaply which features all the tools that you’d expect from a handheld tablet.

Mach Speed Trio DroidWith a 7-inch screen, essentially, this is a mini tablet.  Pocket sized, but larger than a mobile, it is great for watching videos or playing music whilst being able to fit it into your pocket whilst on the move.

As the Mach Speed Trio Droid is an Internet tablet, it is built specifically for Internet connectivity.  With Wi-Fi access you can be online anywhere you can pick up a Wireless signal, and with the 7 inch screen, you will be able to read the text on web pages comfortably.

The tablet has speakers built into it, so you can enjoy your favorite music or watch videos without the use of headphones if you wish.  With a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can plug in any headphones for privacy.

The tablet features an integrated webcam that allows you to chat with others online, and with the 800×400 pixel backlit display, you will be able to have high quality video chats with contacts from all over the world.

The tablet also doubles up as a portable e-book reader.  Unlike devices that are built only to read eBooks, the Mach Speed Trio Droid can display your eBooks in full color, and you can listen to music whilst you read if you wish.

The tablet runs the new Android 2.3 operating system, which is highly sought after.  With Android, you can view the app market and have instant access to games, tools and other useful applications.  In addition to the usual Android features, the tablet is also pre installed with Mach Speed Trio Droid’s very own ApTrio Application Suite to allow you to have access to productivity applications.

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