Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 22nd September 2011

Acer Iconia 10-inch Tablet review

The Acer Iconia 10 inch Tablet is the first tablet to offer the Android 3.2 operating system.  It is a generous 10-inch size, which means that the screen is perfectly sufficient for reading from, which is what the target audience for this tablet would be looking for.

Acer Iconia

If you are looking for a device that is more than just an eBook reader, you should seriously consider the Acer Iconia 10 inch Tablet.  It is in full color so the eBook reading experience that you will be receiving is a far better one than if you chose one of the mono color eBook readers that are available on the market.

Along with the eBook capabilities, you will enjoy the benefits that the android operating system has to offer.  With the app market, you can find apps to help you find eBooks and there are many apps that even offer free eBooks for you to download to your tablet.  With it’s light weight and sleek style, it is a beautiful tablet to be seen with.

There is also an inbuilt camera to the Acer Iconia 10 inch Tablet.  You can use this to take still photographs, as well as using the camera as a webcam.

Because the tablet has Wi-Fi, you can use this option to access the Internet.  The Acer Iconia 10 inch Tablet is excellent for browsing the web whilst on the move because it’s screen area is large enough to read text comfortably and the on screen keyboard is spread out over the width of the screen.

Along with these useful features, you can make the most of the Acer app categorization system that comes installed on the Acer Iconia 10 inch Tablet.  You can separate your apps into social networking groups, productivity, utilities and games to help you to find your apps more easily.

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