Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 23rd September 2011

Next2 Ereader Tablet review

This beautiful and feature filled tablet is sleek and stylish, and at first glance looks like a top brand tablet.  Whilst the brand name is not as big as some of the other tablet manufacturers, this is a tablet that is not to be missed.

Next2 Ereader Tablet

Many people choose to carry around far too many devices.  A camera, a mobile phone, an mp3 player and a games console are simply not practical to carry around, especially if you are a bookworm and always carry a book to read.   If you were to purchase the Next2 e-reader and tablet, you would have a video player, music player, eBook reader and games console all in one, and with its slim design and accessories, it is easy to transport.

To protect the Next2 e-reader and tablet, a cover is normally supplied with the tablet.  The cover is synthetic leather and closes with a press-stud.  The book like style of the cover allows you to use the tablet like it is a book.

If you wish to watch videos with the Next2 e-reader and tablet, you can choose from headphone sound output or switch to the built in speakers to enjoy the video with a friend.  The 7-inch touch screen is in full color and is great for viewing videos.  With expandable memory, you will be able to store plenty of videos on the Next2 e-reader and tablet for viewing anytime.  You can transfer data easily between devices with the use of the USB port on the tablet.

The Wi-Fi connection facilitates Internet connection for the tablet, and the touch screen allows you to input text with the use of an on-screen keyboard.

With the expandability and the entertainment factors of this tablet, you will never tire of uses for this tablet.  For the avid gadget user, this is a perfect choice.

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