Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 24th September 2011


The HTC EVO SHIFT 4G is an attractive, and unusual looking flip style Smartphone.  With an integrated keyboard hidden under the screen, you don’t have to sacrifice screen space to accommodate an onscreen keyboard.  This is just one of the advantages of this most wanted phone.


The phone comes with a TFT capacitive touch screen.  If you prefer to use an onscreen keyboard than using the flip keyboard, you have the best of both worlds, as you can turn on the swipe keyboard and use the touch screen to make your text input.  The screen is made from highly durable gorilla glass, and for rotating the device; there is an inbuilt accelerometer sensor that detects when the phone has been tilted.  You can turn the auto rotate feature off and on at any time.

The phone falls a little short when it comes to data coverage.  There is no GSM support, so for roaming around the world, this is probably not going to be the best option.  GPRS and EDGE are also not available.   3G and 4G are effectively achievable with the phone, however 4G hasn’t quite yet got off the ground, so there’s not a lot that you can do with this capability.  Having said that, you do have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a micro USB port which are all highly popular and favored networks.  It is often best not to overload a device with too many features, so if these connection options seem sufficient for your needs, then this is still a great choice for phones.

The HTC EVO SHIFT 4G runs the popular Froyo version of the Android operating system.  The phone’s processor does fall just short of the ability to run flash, so there are no flash games available for this phone, but with the use of the Android app market, you can still make the most of the games available there.

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