Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 28th September 2011

Asus Eee Pad transformer review

Asus have released their newest solution to the ever-growing tablet market. The Asus eee pad transformer is a tablet that runs the very latest android platform. The Android platform is one of the most popular mobile operating systems around. With the availability of the app market and the countless games and tools that can be found and downloaded Android is even beginning to dwarf Apple, its main competitor.

Eee Pad Transformer

The main attraction of tablets is simply their size and portability. Net books were fine for a little while but you still need to sit a net book on a surface as its being used, whereas the tablet can be held in one hand, operated with the other. They take up far less space when on or off and with the strength and durability of modern touch screens, there’s not even the worry of damaging tablets whilst carrying them around. When carrying around the Asus eee pad transformer and using it as a tablet, you will notice the care Asus has gone to in order to make sure that it is comfortable to carry. The reverse of the tablet, rather than being glossy and slippery, is covered with a thin rubber film, which ensures a good grip for the user.

For those who just cant let go of their handy net book however, the eee pad transformer can fulfill their needs too. The tablet can be used on its own as a tablet or pop it on its dock and anyone would be forgiven for thinking it is a net book. The dock itself is basically a mount with a front keyboard attached, the Asus eee pad transformer acting like a screen.

Along with the Asus eee pad transformer you get all the things you need. A camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and high quality screen can all be expected. This is an affordable tablet, which removes the need to buy both a tablet and a notebook.

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