Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 30th September 2011

Dirt 3 review

This is a sequel to DIRT 2. This game is like the next level for gamers, from amateur to professional. This transition makes the game all the more interesting and challenging. This gives the gamers access to a massive roster of vehicles and racing teams. Dirt 3 includes the Group B Rally cars which were banned by the FIA sequencings a great number of spectator and driver causalities. Though it advertised a complete Group B set in the promos the actual game seems to be missing out on some of the exotics such as Ford Escort Mk. II, Peugeot 205 T16 and Lancia Delta S4. But the word is that the missing cars will soon be added in the DLC packs.

Dirt 3

The single player career mode is more or less the same as the previous game with the same basic layout, start from the bottom of the table, working your way to the top, earning points and unlocking new cars, sponsorships, liveries and new events. A sense of déjà vu makes you feel nostalgic of Trailblazer, Landrush, Rally, Rally Cross, and Raid with almost the same Baja racers, rally cars, stadium trucks and SUVs. The new version although offers you an event that is unprecedented in the earlier versions as you race against time in a multi-terrain obstacle course. All you have to do in this mode is to accumulate points pulling together 180 and 360 degree spins, huge drifts, big jumps and other crazy driving maneuvers. This mode is available in the career and the DC compound allowing you to try new moves in freestyle. Other interesting add-ons to this game like unlocking superb maneuvers, collecting hidden packages, stunt bonuses and locked missions. This game also provides snow tracks which is again an added privilege to your gaming experience.

Dirt 2 was considered the best looking racing game till its successor Dirt 3 rolled out. Equipped with Ego 2.0 engine this game delivers amazing particle and lighting effects that leaves any gamer with his mouth wide open. Superb cockpit detail and stunning exteriors takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. The amazing dust effects in the gravel and dessert levels are amazingly realistic. Night races are beautifully designed with efficient lighting. The weather effects started by F1 2010 are also available in Dirt 3. Atmospheric touches are carefully rendered with perfection to the smallest detail. This game provides all those dirt saga fanatics something new to talk about.

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