Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 30th September 2011

Motorola Defy review

The Motorola defy is the latest Smartphone offering from Motorola. It features the ever popular Android operating system giving users access to many applications for entertainment, education and utility, as well as having the Moto blur social network app which is exclusive to Motorola. Many people make full use of the Moto blur app, which allows users to consolidate their social network accounts into one for convenience when staying in touch with friends.

Motorola Defy

If you enjoy being outdoors or being active you can take the Motorola defy mobile phone with you as Motorola have taken the care to ensure that the screen is scratch proof, the phone itself is waterproof and it is also dust proof. For any terrain that you may be taking your defy, you will literally be able to defy the elements.

The phone itself seems to be incredibly well built. With visible screws and thick plastics, you can see its durability and strong structure. If you’re looking for sleek and feminine, the defy probably wont appeal to you on looks but on the plus side, this phone does all it can to make itself indestructible.  You couldn’t have more of an excuse to take to the beach to try out this phone!

The ‘dust proof’ properties are achieved by rubber stoppers, which are attached to the body of the phone. These simply plug up the holes when they are not in use. There is one over the headphone jack, charger port and memory expansion cards. It is probable however that you will get quickly tired of these additions to the bodywork and simply end up knocking them off or pulling them off. Unfortunately this design feature that is supposed to be of advantage actually causes more problems than it solves.

With all these features plus the usual camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth features that are now expected with a phone, the Motorola defy is a robust and useful little gadget to have.

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