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Gods Eater Burst review

This 2011 action-adventure game was created exclusively for the PSP (Play Station Portable). This game was actually released for Japan in 2010 as God Eater but was later redeveloped and released as Gods Eater Burst in North America in 2011.

God Eater Burst screenshot

This game posses a very massive story line completely with voice actors and names in single player mode. The character in the game is young, unemployed and a warrior who takes on powerful creatures- Aragami. This is where the game developers have put their complete hard work into creating these amazing creatures, where most have real world creatures’ characteristics but some are simply unbelievably cool from inventive side of the developers .The name God Eater comes from the story as these warriors who pull together guts to go against Aragami are known as God Eaters. Though these creatures sound completely impossible to beat the game developers actually mention the weakness of each Aragami before you head out to hunt it down using its weakness to your advantage with the available weapons. This mission based game consists of over 100 missions including co-operative game play with a maximum of 3 players connected through al-controlled teammates. The PlayStation 3’s adhoc party is supported by the American version of God Eater Burst. The game provides players with character customization of voice, hair color, hair style, skin face as well weapons using certain special materials available in the game. Blade, Shield and Gun are the 3 categories into which the weapons have been divided. While some are heavy and slow but doesn’t compromise on the crushing and piercing part others are swift and may use elemental powers to burn or freeze the foe. Though you are provided with guns in the game you can’t just go on a shooting spree as it requires a lot of skill and ability before you land a bullet on your foe. The weapons can be toggled between shield, melee and ranged in mission.

The story layout basically revolves around the prominent members of Fenrir which is simply an anti- monster organization dedicated to wipe the world off monsters. Our character now takes over this group and heads to accomplish the primary mission of the organization. The 5 members of the team Alisa, Lindow, Sakuya, Kota and Soma will now be guided into missions and assignments from Tsubaki (instructor) and Lindow’s sister. The game was well received by the gamers and is has become one of the favorites. It scored a decent 34/40 (9, 9, 8, 8) in one of the gaming magazine.

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