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Hunted: The Demons Forge review

This is an interesting co-op game which hasn’t quite gone well with the gamers. Though it is said to be presented very poorly you can’t deny the fact of fun and thrill it gives along the ride. This game has fantastic ideas waiting to be unveiled. The amazing combination of Hack and Slash with the pure skill of a well covered shooter is one among the salient features of this game. The game is at its optimum best when joined by a friend with equally desperate friend as it’s basically a co-op game. There are 2 characters in the game E’Lara and Caddoc one among them will be your choice as you begin the game.

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The RPG is very well designed to suit a player’s style albeit you can change your choice in mid-game which is quite odd and kills the fun of staying loyal to your chosen character. As the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” as the burly tough Caddoc is the calm one and E’Lara is all hasty and foolhardy. Their razz is quite enjoyable, humorous and silly at times. The choice between E’Lara and Caddoc depends on your style of gaming as it decides the progression in the game. The choice is simple one on one bone crushing melee of Caddoc or scoring long ranged headshots with E’Lara.

Each character has a set of powerful special abilities which can be coordinated to damage different waves of the enemy. When you are joined by a friend it is fun as you can coordinate your damages on the foe with special abilities like as E’Lara you can freeze the foe to be smashed to smithereens by Caddoc or as Caddoc you can create a tempest while E’Lara scores head shots in the heat of confusion amongst the foe as they levitate in the air. The combo with the computer is totally a boring experience though it really saves your life in the game where needed. The game doesn’t provide gamers with an option to join a quest mid-way. The character hopping is oddly fun when you join hands with the computer as it develops more chances for combo attacks. The absence of a proper inventory and a map again creates frustration as you proceed through the game. This mix of covered shooting, co-op experience and fantasy setting has raised a number of eyebrows. Albeit it’s hot co-op gaming experience gamers are not quite satisfied.

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