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X-COM UFO Defense review

The game is set in the year 1999 where UFO sightings are becoming common and they start regular invasions terrorizing and killing the inhabitants of Earth. There is no possibility of co-existence as the aliens try to overthrow humans and take over power and rule the planet. The alien characters are mysterious and psychically heightened. None of the governments can stand up to these horrific creatures of outer space for long considering their technological and warfare advancements.

x-com ufo defense

This is exactly the reason the United Nations has come up with X-COM a project to exterminate these bizarre extra terrestrial creatures. The X-COM is leaded into the war zone by none other than the player. You are in command of kicking these aliens of your motherland.

The game allows you to choose your own turf across the globe to set up a base and with a decent allowance as you start your operations. Initially you are equipped with 2 hangers in which an interceptor (simple Air-Air jets) and a Skyranger (transports troops) in addition to a factory and research lab where you will be manufacturing basic troop weapons and fighter jets meanwhile you can upgrade your weapons bay in the lab. Once you see a UFO lingering about in your Geoscape view that is where the actual action starts. If you fail in intercepting the target with your interceptor you will have to deal with it once it lands. The Skyranger comes in handy here the troops are transported and made to fight in realistic battle terrains. Initially your soldiers may find themselves inexperienced to fight these advanced freaks of outer space and succumb to their merciless slaughter. The aliens with their technological advancement never seem to miss out on the targets initially. The aliens are at an advantage in the initial missions and frustrate you to a little extent. They also add the element of surprise as they tend to attack when you slack off thinking you have dealt with the lot. If you are successful in a mission your soldiers will bring in the loot from the battle to help you learn more about the extra terrestrials. The graphics are the state of the art considering the game’s release back in 1999.Even the aliens are artfully designed with variations albeit faceless human soldiers. The sound is flawed even in the late 90’s as you hardly have any music or special effects in the game.

This game gives your mind a strenuous workout as you progress through missions with the aliens throwing everything they have at you making it difficult and fun all the same. X-COM: UFO Defense is considered to be incomparable in its genre even after all these years of game making and its inferior technology.

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