Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 19th October 2011

Changes in Minecraft 1.9 Pre-release

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It has not been long since Notch and the Minecraft developer team released the Minecraft “Adventure” Update 1.8. However, yet already a new version of the well-known and very popular Indie-game has been released.

The newest version to this date is the 1.9 pre-release #2 update. However, where is the difference between the actual release and the pre-release versions? Explaining this is very easy: All pre-release versions might include tons of bugs and errors – and will get fixed in the final Minecraft update.

But what is new in Version 1.9 aswell as in the Pre-release updates? Infact, there are quite a few new features coming up. One of the features that many players have been waiting for are NPCs. Whilst NPC villages have already been added in the 1.8 update, they were empty in that version. Now, NPCs are finally inhabitants of these villages that randomly appear around the map. Still, finding these villages isn’t easy though: You have to walk around for quite some time, as populated areas are very rarely spread around the map.

Another interesting point is the fact, that it’s finally possible to have more than 3 strongholds per map. In version 1.8, strongholds were limited to 3 per map and were only created within 1000 blocks of the 0 | 0 | 0 coordinate.

A propos NPCs: There will also be a few new enemy- or neutral-like mobs. Existing mobs have also been changed slightly: The capability of Enderman to transport and carry blocks has been restricted.

As there are finally NPCs in the map, the experience bar will finally get a use, however it’s not sure, which one yet. According to some blog posts, you will be able to trade experience for things such as weapons. Instead of loosing all experience upon death like in 1.8, a certain percentage will stay with the player even if he gets killed.

In 1.8, rivers and caves were introduced to Minecraft. 1.9 will add some new and additional biomes (areas with a certain landscape and nature, like desert and forest). One of these is the mushroom biome, which will naturally grow huge mushrooms.

And now another interesting change and also the last one in this article: You’re now able to feed animals. If you for example hold wheat in your hand, you’ll attract certain animals. If you start feeding them, they will start “loving” you – possibly following you. What features and possibilites this has isn’t sure yet.

These are the main changes of 1.9 and it’s pre-release versions. A couple of new blocks, especially in the nether, are also going to get added. However, I guess it’s best if you play Minecraft 1.9 yourself and explore and use the new capabilites.

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