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Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 20th September 2011

Dual Core Apple

Computer’s keep getting faster, but how about fruit?

Dual core apple

Evolution continues in fruit technology with this dual core fruit. It’s an apple computer with dual core technology! Who knew apples could process calculation so fast?

Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 5th August 2011

Portal 2 t-shirts!

I’d like to show off these Portal 2 t-shirts, as I  think they’re truly fantastic. Most of them are centred around the corrupt Space Personality core from the ending sequence of Portal 2. Luckily they don’t really reveal any secrets of any kind, and they look great, especially the one on orange.

The one below is a ‘Gotta Go To Space‘ t-shirt! Shiny, right?

Gotta go to Space Portal 2 t-shirt

Posted by Dradon Haystorm on 1st February 2011

Doctor Who Girls

Girls from the Doctor Who series

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am a huge fan of Doctor Who series, the new series more so than the old. A primer for those who have have never heard of the show: Doctor Who is a British science fiction television program. The Doctor, as he is known, is the main character, a Time Lord who travels through time and space in his time machine, called the TARDIS.

Throughout the entire history of the show, one of the key elements in Doctor Who is the Doctor’s companion, always female. Out of all of the ‘Doctor Who Girls’, Rose was the first to have spawned an actual relationship with the Doctor beyond the companionship usually present. This image depicts the Doctor Who girls, emphasising the unusually strange affection Rose has with the Doctor. Click the image to view it at full size.

Anyone able to name the entire lot? I challenge you! :)